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6 thoughts on “Customizing the look and feel of E1 web client (9.1.x)

  1. hi, is this correct coding ?

    background-color: #DC143C; /* needed for portals */

    wondering the preceeding one is .menuAndFastPathContainer or div#menuAndFastPathContainer or #menuAndFastPathContainer

    pls advise


    • Hi,

      If the div is declared like this:

      • Sorry, HTML in comments are not showing up.

        div#menuAndFastPathContainer: div declaration is like this: div id=”menuAndFastPathContainer”

        .menuAndFastPathContainer: div declaration is like this: div class=”menuAndFastPathContainer”

  2. hi, may i know what would be the code in order to change the area below the navigation menu which is dark blue color …

    many thanks

  3. hi, will this work on E910 TR ?
    By the time i stop the weblogic service in jas server, are there any individual instance for PY, PD and etc so that i can just stop particular environment? Because user just wanted to change PY only..and expect no downtime for PD if i stop the weblogic service..

    • Hi,

      You need to restart the weblogic managedserver only for that environment. If you have multiple managed severs (i.e. with different ports) on that physical server, only the managed server that runs PY needs to be restarted. This will not affect downtime for PD.

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